This tutorial is for the recent Pharmacy Practice December 2017 past paper.

Please note I do not have any affiliations with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board nor did I write the original questions.

I have tried to strike a balance between providing answers which are to the point and providing additional information for continuing education/learning purposes.

For some questions it may be possible for there to be a more than one answer which will be acceptable to the examiner.

With the calculations there may be more than one method at arriving at the answer, I try to provide the most straightforward one. There is always a calculations question in the pharmacy practise exams and they are usually similar, ensure sure you are familiar with them. Memorizing basic equations is a requirement for the exam, and I will point them out in the answers provided.

I have provided references used, look out for links which are highlighted in green.

I tend to prefer British nomenclature and brand names.

I have had unlimited time and access to literature resources to help me answer the questions. The exam questions on this paper and on others are difficult, it is not expected for you to answer all the questions completely in an exam setting.

If you would like to contact me please via Facebook on the Hong Kong Registration Exam group.

I would like to thank Joe Blais for reviewing this tutorial and my family for their continued support.


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