Tutorial and exam strategies

Welcome to the tutorial for the Hong Kong Pharmacist Registration Exam, Pharmacology December 2017!

This tutorial walks you through each question of the exam: I provide you with concise yet detailed answers and an expected score breakdown. Many questions have additional references so that you can enhance your learning using some of my favorite references.

This tutorial can be used in two ways. The first, is for you to benchmark your current knowledge. As you read each question, write down your answers. Then check your answer with our suggested solutions. In some cases, there are multiple choices for each answer, but I have chosen the most commonly anticipated solution.

The second approach is to use the tutorial as a rapid review tool. As you read through the answers, you need to develop your own recall system. This will certainly include memorization, but it may include additional reading, and rewriting your own understanding of the answers. I strongly suggest you practice writing the answers based on your own understanding in your own words, since it will be easier to recall than pure memorization.

Exam Strategies

As an expert exam taker, here are some strategies that have served me on exam day.

  • Wake up early enough so that you can have a good breakfast and arrive on time without rushing. Don't consume caffeine unless you already do this on a daily basis.
  • Arrive early, and start to visualize the exam and your approach to tackling each question.
  • Once the exam begins, close your eyes, and take 1-3 deep breaths. Calm yourself and open the exam booklet.
  • Quickly read all the exam questions.
  • I suggest starting with the questions you feel most confident about. Tackle these questions first since it will build your confidence and momentum.
  • Once you are done the 1-2 questions you know best, then estimate how much time you have left for the remaining questions.
  • Finish the remaining questions. Take a deep breath, and look-up away from the exam.
  • Take a few minutes to review your responses and correct any obvious mistakes. Finally raise your hand and submit your exam.

Now, take a deep breath, and flip the page (or click the link) to move on to the first question!

  • Questions 1, 2 and 5 were co-written with Sharon Tang.
  • I am not affiliated with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong.

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